October Newsletter

Happy Halloween from your bluestninja!

If October is any indication, the rest of 2006 is going to be a fun ride. I debuted my new style of painting and I’m slowly trying to perfect the painting process and having a lot of fun while doing it. For now, I’m working on a makeshift cantilever system, including tape rolls, paint cans, and the natural slope of my garage floor. But there are rumors of a possible mechanism being built – a customized, multi-level, moveable, and retractable easel, if you will. How’s that for fancy?

1. Gravity Series Online

A new series and style of bluestninja was unleashed onto the world at Open Studios 2006. There are 9 paintings in the new style, although I’ve only put 8 up so far. I’m pretty excited about the style. As you may know, if you’ve followed me at all over the years, I tend to explore and alter my style every once in a while in dramatic fashion.

I need help naming a few of the new paintings. Check out the link and send me an email with title ides for “Untitled1” and “Untitled2.” The person who submits the titles that I use, I’ll send you a set of 6 magnets of these very same paintings. Which leads me to…..

2. Magnets

I have moved on from custom buttons/pins to making 1” round magnets. I have two different kinds available – a set of the Gravity series and San Francisco Bus transfers. They work great on the fridge but keep them away from all computer related things. Apparently, they don’t demagnetize credit cards, which I found out about accidentally.

If interested, let me know. The Gravity series are $10 for the set of 6. The Bus Transfers are $2 each, 4 for $7, 8 for $12 and so on.

3. Photo Gallery of Open Studios 2006

It was a fantastic 5-year anniversary. Thank you to everyone that came by for the weekend and figured out how to get to Bernal Heights. Around 150 people wandered through, and altogether bought 13 paintings, drank 5 bottles of wine, and ate many chocolate covered nuts.