May Newsletter

What's new with bluestninja - 5.6

Somehow, I forgot to bother you with an April newsletter. You were sad, huh? Admit it. It's ok. I still love you.

But I'm back for May in full technicolor and I got a lot of fun info to share.

1. Art Show at Catalyst Cocktail
2. Sold pieces
3. New Studio

1. Art Show at Catalyst Cocktail - Sat. May 13 - 6pm-9pm - Mark your calendar!

A solo show of mine, featuring 9 duct tape paintings - all for sale - in the atmosphere of an art deco-like bar underneath a bail bonds place near the SF Courthouse in SOMA.

Oh yeah, come get some art, food, drinks, and in case anything gets too crazy, you can get bailed out pretty quickly. Not a bad way to start a Saturday night.

312 Harriet St. @ Bryant between 6th and 7th in San Francisco

2. Sold pieces

April was a good month for your ninja most blue. I sold 5 of the Organic Black and White pieces, which are now living in a Potrero Hill home in San Francisco.

And to truly demonstrate the inherent weirdness and wonderfulness of the Internet - an old high school friend found me through MySpace and bought Finally. It is now living in an absolutely stunning zen palace home in Los Angeles. I think it's happy and so is the owner.

Lastly, a mysterious stranger bid the highest price in Artspan's latest auction and purchased Fractured American.

3. New Studio I have moved out of Melting Point, where I spent a fantastic year, and will be housing my studio out of my garage. Bringing it in-house - really the only way to go. At least for now. I will debut the new space in October when I have my 5th year anniversary of participating in San Francisco Open Studios.

The name your price for a painting is still under way so if you find anything you like, make me an offer.

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