February Newsletter

February is almost over and I haven't let you know what's going on yet in the bluestninja world. Hey, it's not my fault February got the short end on the day count. Talk to January and March about that.

Multiple Box Project

Ok, in my neverending quest at making oil painting interactive and fun and endlessly changeable, I bring you the Multiple Box Project! Each of these boxes are 5"x5" with a 1-1/2" depth - so they are light AND stick out from the wall nicely.

Each box is $30 but I only have 4 left. Hot commodities!

Now, these boxes are for sale and they look incredible on walls in lofts in Oakland, homes in the Mission, and one of them is out there in San Francisco somewhere - a prize won at the raffle for Girlventures a few months ago.

"But Randy, haven't you done multiple box projects before?" Very good question!

Yes, I have. In fact, my 103-piece Distraction project was all about that. So was Project 29. Ummm, hmmm. So was 9 Months. So were my puzzle paintings. Maybe I don't have anything to announce. Or maybe I smell a theme.

New good things coming in March!

For some of the older projects, here are the links:

Open Studios 2004 shows off Distraction and Project 29 nicely
9 Months

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