December 2005 Newsletter - 12.05

Bluestninja's Final 2005 Newsletter - 12.05

What's new with bluestninja - 12.05

Ok, ok, so I totally blew off November and didn't fill up your bulk mail folder with witty ramblings, but I figured that after pestering you to no end in October - you deserved a break.

But no longer! Thank you to those who made it to my Open Studios in October - a very impressive showing of people once again and I truly appreciate the support. I also appreciate the 8 new Randy Antin art owners and their uncanny sense of taste and decision-making.

With the holidays all upons, if you're still thinking of gift ideas for Cousin Larry and have anywhere from $30 to $10,000 to spend, drop me a line. Hey, if Neiman-Marcus can offer you the opportunity to fly in the 1994 Brazilian World Cup soccer team to play against your rec league team for $350,000, I don't see why I can't set the bluestninja range up to $10,000.

Let me know how much you would like to spend and I'll send you some images of paintings that will fall into your budget. I do gift certificates also if you want to avoid dealing with the post office (or help me not deal with the post office) or are slightly unsure of Larryís art taste.

2005 is on its way out and it was a very successful year. I moved into a brand new studio, which has allowed me to grow (artistically) quite a bit this year; contributed pieces to a number of non-profit and emergency relief fundraisers; participated in my first juried exhibition; and received my first commission. And, I know for a fact that there are at least 50 amazingly intelligent people in the world because they own a piece of my work. (Oh, I know there are plenty more out there. Donít ever take me too seriously.)

And, naturally, I canít let you leave without showing you a couple new paintings done in the fall: Sad to Know

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I hope that 2006 (unbelievable) is even better.