What's up with bluestninja? -- January '05 Edition 2.1

This is the official 1-year anniversary of these newsletters, although I did miss a few months in early 2004 (not that anyone actually remembers that except for me). It has already been shaping up to be an interesting year in the bluestninja world. After squatting in a friend's garage for a couple months, I have found a brand new art studio and holy twinkie am I excited!

Yeah, I said twinkie -- as in, my studio is across the street from the Hostess Factory in San Francisco. I can smell them cooking. And it smells delicious.

I have moved into the Melting Point Studios -- a converted brewery with 10-15 artists, right on the border of the Mission/Potrero Hill neighborhoods. It is the coolest building in the world and I'm extremely excited to see what happens to me there. Any time you want to get a little tour, drop me a line.

Now on to the happenings:..

1. New Duct Tape Paintings

Eight spanking new 10ä x10 ’ paintings with hilarious titles such as Get Out Chuck, TeePee, and Wombat. Laugh it up, friends. Laugh it up.

And one new 16äx 20ä paintings with not so hilarious a title: ’Untitled actually.

2. Paintings and Buttons at Artist Xchange Gallery

I am back at the Artist Xchange with 8 paintings (including ’I Told You Before, ’5ä (another from the 10ä series although the name, again, is not so hilarious), the above ’Untitled,ä and ’Girl Scout Mafiaä (see Duct Tape Paintings on the site). There are also a few Black and White boxes for very reasonable prices. As always, my homemade buttons are continuously being replenished so check for new ones there.

They are having an event on February 4 at their gallery on 16th St. (Valencia) in the Mission, which I highly encourage you attend although I can't make it. They are a great supporter of local artists and you should support them in return.

That's all for this month. Next month: a brand new needlepoint!