The Big April Fools Edition (but the following is actually true - I swear)

Hi and welcome to Volume 2 of what's going on with your ninja that's most blue.

1. My Koi Got Joy - Sold
2. Distraction (Project 99) just about finished
3. 9 Months
4. Potrero Library Local Artists Show
5. Artist XChange - New Gallery in the Mission

1. My Koi Got Joy has been sold to Emily Schubert in San Francisco. It can now only be seen gracing the walls of her home. And it sure looks good.

2. Distraction (Project 99) is just about finished. The large 6x6 ft piece is finished and the 99 8"x10" panels to go with it are also finished. Just a few last touches and it will be ready to be shown. If anyone knows any galleries that can house something like this, please let me know.

3. 9 Months - My friends Justin and Therese just got married in Vancouver and I made them a gift to take home with them to NY.

4. Potrero Hill Library Local Artists Show - My neighborhood library branch is showing artists from the neighorhood from 4.3-4.24. There is an opening party for it this Saturday from 7-9. The branch is on 20th St, across from Thinkers Cafe. My needlepoint, Break It!, will be up for the duration.

5. Artist XChange - I'm working with a new gallery on 16th St (Guerrero) in the Mission. It should be opening in mid-April sometime. Definitely go check it out and I will be sending out info about their grand opening event. The address is 3169 16th St although they're still putting on the finishing touches.

That's about it for now. I have few other things coming up in May but, well, I'll tell you about those some other time.

As always, roam around I'm always adding new and oh so exciting things for your enjoyment and if you want to buy something, well, all the power to you. Just let me know.