Art Statements

Place Pigalle, Hayes Valley Bar: November 3 - December 14, 2004

520 Hayes (Laguna)

In Hayes Valley, where my art studio was for the past two years, there is Place Pigalle - a bar named after a district in Paris. This has been one of my favorite places to go in the city for years. When I was offered to have my work shown there, my heart got all jumpity. Plus, since I had to move out of my studio by November 1 and I planned to install everything on October 31 - perfection.

Hijacking the bar's stereo system and getting some help from my friend The Benj, I spent the first 6 hours of Halloween day moving all my gear from the studio up the street into the back of the bar, and then putting everything up on the wall. Over the course of doing it, I discovered that I do in fact have some sort of vision condition that prevents me from hanging anything straight - in fact, everything I hang slopes to the right. Leaning vision, that's what I'm going to call it. I'm thinking about applying for a handicap parking permit. Probably won't get it.

The opening was on November 3, the day after the election so the mood was not the most celebratory in the world. But thank you to about the 40 people that braved the rain and their own personal reflections to come. I don't have any pictures from the opening but below is pretty much what it looks like. If you find yourself in SF, go check it out. It will be up through December 14.

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