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Acrylic Organic Series on Cardboard














Urban Fern



More often than not, what I choose to do with my painting comes more from what's around me rather than some kind of pre-conceived idea. I walked into Flax Art store in San Francisco and found a blowout sale on really liquid acrylic black paint. 25 cents a bottle. So I bought 20 of them for 5 bucks. Now, when you have that much paint lying around, and you just happen to be a painter, and you just happen to have 95 cardboard boxes laying around, well -- -this is what can happen.

After doing a few of these, I went to Las Vegas and in the desert outside the city, there were bushes and cactus that looked just like these. At least I thought they did.

In the spirit that original art doesn't have to be expensive, each of these originals are only $25. Send me an email if any strike your fancy bone. Or chord. Or sinew.