Art Statements

The Squeaky Dolphin (2005)

30" x 30"
Oil paint, varnish, squeaky dolphin chewtoy, and lack of duct tape and posting tape on canvas

This was a piece done for the Pet Noir fundraiser, held at Balazo Gallery in San Francisco. Pet Noir is a collected anthology of strange pet crimes. The idea here was that this was a notecard of a private detective and would be the opening paragraph of a larger story. In conjunction with the painting and the show, I also screenprinted hundreds of index cards with the text of the painting on the front in my handwriting and show info on the back. I dropped the cards off all over San Francisco, in cafes and at music venues. I was trying to make it look as though someone had just taken notes on a card and left it by accident - a bit of guerilla found marketing. Fun to watch people pick up the cards.