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Duct Tape Paintings

Eight 10" x 10" Duct Tape Paintings (2005)

Get Out Chuck


Got 2

I Paid to Make This

I Told You Before

She Talks




Duct Tape Paintings (2004-2005)

34 Years Gone

43 Years Gone

Introduce Myself

Dismantled Flag


Girl Scout Mafia


Duct Tape Puzzle

Chutes and Octopi



Fractured American

My Windows Were Stars

Leaf Under a Microscope

History of Shoplifting



The Sun Also Rises

The Squeaky Dolphin

Sad to Know




He Will Still Talk

Old Crush


I recently bought a huge roll of silver duct tape after learning that it served as a fantastic foot blister protector. That's not really connected to using it in artwork. Having always been fascinated by the remnants of posters and past billboard advertisements, with rips and tears and peels and the under layers peeking through the top layers - I've tried to recreate that a bit using my own ways.

So, here, I've taken duct tape and at different stages of a painting, sealed parts of the canvas while painting on the rest. At the right time, I peeled the duct tape off (in most cases), revealing a slightly less touched part, older, that was free of the more recent painting noise on top of it.

The result I think is pretty interesting. For me, anyway.