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Day 10: Distraction--Progression of a Painting

So, the large piece is done! Finally. It sort of finished with a Jackson Pollock kind of fury, which I'm not sure how I feel about exactly -- not like I'm breaking any new ground or anything but it sure was fun to do.

I was at Flax about a month ago, looking for some black acrylic paint. I found some clearance stuff -- 25 cents for a little bottle. So I bought 20 of them for 5 bucks. Well, if you have that much liquidesque paint, I think it's almost natural that eventrually it will get thrown everywhere.

But you can only do so much with black. So, I poked around in an old art box of mine and found some more liquidy acrylic paint -- this time red and white. I've been loving red and black lately -- reminiscent of one of the only things I liked about my high school: our colors. It's also the colors of Blackjack, which I am devoted follower. And Lucky 13.

After having a few different people see it and give me their unsought for approval, and realizing that I couldn't see where else I could take this that would be any better, I stopped. In the meantime, I had finished all 99 panels and then the monsoon hit San Francisco a few weeks ago, knocking out my power with the lightening and, unfortunately, partially flooding my basement studio.

Of course, me being me, I had left a lot of the panels on the floor to dry and some of them got soaked, basically warping the -- what I thought was wood -- cardboard of the panels. 9 of them were ruined, which coincidentally was the same number of extra panels I mistakenly bought. So, maybe there is something to all this fate. I peeled the canvas and threw out the cardboard. Now, I've done a few more to replace these, which I feel a little bad about. Kind of like cheating. But screw it -- it's my painting.

Here's about 80 of the panels with some more drying right now on the floor. Yeah, more on the floor but this heat wave has been smiling on me. I'm waiting for the opportunity now to be able to put this all in one place together and take some decent photos. That will be the final installment.

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