Art Statements

Day 7

So, I got tired of the big red body tonight and covered over it, first in black and white and then with a lot more color. Why? Well, not sure. Could it have something to do with my dad having open heart surgery so I wanted to detach from a reference to a body? Maybe. Perhaps I shrunk back from trying something new, putting a form in my paintings, and reverted back to what was comfortable. Possibly. Or could it have been that the big red body was causing me to try to work around it and that was too limiting, so I covered it over? Who knows. I wish I could tell you.

By the end of painting this night, I started using bigger strokes, letting the colors be more of themselves rather than smushing them with others. I like the look, so far. I spent a good deal of the night folding the canvas on itself and doing kick-ass dance moves on the back, moving the paint around that way. As for the panels, well.....

I varnished 18 more, which brings that running total up to 60. I also created about 18 more tonight, so that makes a total of 86. Almost there! On another good note, I found a guy in Texas on eBay selling acrylic plastic box frames in bulk. So I bought 95 of them, which will serve as the backing frames for the panels.

Now, if I could only find someone to show the whole thing. Hmmmm, any takers out there? Email me at

Randy Antin

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