Art Statements

Day 6

More and more color, more and more paint.

Below, just following the progress of the one section: "Everything is just a distraction."

At last count, 68 panels have been used now. That leaves 31 more to go. I'm coming into a dilemma as to whether to keep all of the panels together and stick with my original idea for this project. Or, split them up and sell them individually. I like the idea of having them all together and I think it would be much more interesting to see all up on a wall or in a gallery. But money is money. And who knows, it could be a fun project for some historian (big thinker!) or for me to try to find them all again in 20 years.

I put some varnish on 42 of the panels to seal the paint. Below are 14 of them sitting on a big wood slat frame I found against a building on 3rd St. and 21st St. in my neighborhood.

Again, I'm always up to hear from people. So, please drop me a line and let me know if you have any thoughts about the painting, the idea of showing the progression, or whatever. Thanks and I'll update as I work more.

Randy Antin

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