Art Statements

Day 5

This was the most drastic change yet. A lot of progress has been made since the last day of work. I started going heavier on the paint. Most of the charcoal writing is gone now. Still there but hidden. I like that.

Below, what's left of the phrase that this project is named for: "Everything is just a distraction.'

It's hard to tell from just an image but the paint is building up with a lot of texture along with the color. I'm really fascinated with all the colors you find in what might on the surface just look like a solid hue. Like a painted wall, for example. From far away, it might look like a dark blue. But if you get real close to it, you can see that the various texture in the wall -- the grooves, old dents, cracks -- and the way light bounces off the various points creates not only many different colors of blue but also, in some places, the paint might have peeled away to show the previous color of the wall underneath. So much can be seen when you really look at the close-up details, but if you don't also stand back, you can get lost in those details and not see the big picture. Er, painting.

More panels used to make the larger painting.

A close-up of one of them. Kind of moss-like, I think.

Randy Antin

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