Art Statements

Day 4: Distraction--Progression of a Painting

As I threw down more paint, the figure from the earlier ones became my focus point. Because the canvas is so large, I discovered with the last big one I did that I could not only use the panels to move the paint around and create the color spread, but I could also use the canvas itself.

After putting down a lot of paint in the head region, I folded the canvas on itself. Then, with the music blaring out of my stereo, I danced and shuffled my feet all over the back of the canvas to get a really good stick of the paint on both sides.

If you look closely, you can see the paint in its raw form, straight out of the tube.

Then, a little spreading with a palette knife, mixing the colors enough but not so much that they all would blend together completely and lose their own unique colors.

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