If I Had an Uncle Willy, He Would Look Like This

Oil on canvas

ViV and a Movie Summer Art Statement, 2003

Ever stare out an airplane at the swirls of a river's tributaries?

Ever been given a present that had a letter attached that made you cry?

Ever revisit a place from your childhood and enjoy it anew and from memory?

Ever see a frozen armadillo with its legs and head still attached?

Ever feel that the world was perfect one day only to want to silence your existence the next day?

Ever dream of moving to the warm beaches of Puerto Rico, restoring a mansion in New Mexico, or sleeping in a hammock next to a river?

Ever have five children, screeching with laughter, jump on you in a pool?

Ever get a drink with a new friend and say goodbye to an old one in the same night?

Ever wonder what it would feel like to never have experienced love?

Ever meet a girl you knew you were going to run into again but then never do?

Ever question whether you're an alcoholic while having your third drink?

Ever had a flaming marshmallow burn your skin?

Ever spend one hour walking your block with your shoes tied together?

Ever go back to where you had your first kiss?

Ever realize that others might not see what you see?

Bought tickets to the show yet?